I am Pup Jayce. Currently an uncollared pup living in Washington State. I’ve been living the BDSM lifestyle for the last three years, since I was sixteen. 

Wanna learn about dirty sexy stuff? This is a safe place on the internet were your answers will be answered. 

I live the lifestyle when I can, or when I’m in a place where I am not judged for my interests. 

I like an Owner who is compassionate and intelligent, and willing to give me punishments even if they are only for his pleasure. I like someone that I can have a real conversation with instead of making me bark and whine all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like laying down at my Owner’s feet. I’ll even lick his boots/shoes at the end of the day. I like long strolls at the park and dog paddling in the pool, and most of all playing fetch in the pool.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Memios Bonavich says:

    Hello, miss Jayce!~ I stumbled across your site while I was looking for a guide to being a better pup for my master and I noticed you said you’ve been living the BDSM lifestyle since you were sixteen. I myself am currently sixteen (seventeen on the 27th of next month) and I’ve noticed a lot of the petplay community doesn’t exactly accept anyone under eighteen into their midst which is quite frustrating.

    Even though I have my master I still get really lonely not having any other human pups to play and socialize/hang out with. I’m longing for a pack, I suppose. But I was wondering if you know of somewhere that welcomes younglings like myself with some who’ve been in the community for a pretty long time that are willing to help with any questions regarding Petplay (specifically puppyplay).

    Hope to hear back from you soon. Happy howling~


    • jayce428 says:

      Hi, I have struggled with this myself and I have found that the guys over at http://www.siriuspup.net have been interested in educating people on pup play. They would be an excellent resource for those with questions and they’re super friendly.

      By the way I’m a guy.



      • Memios Bonavich says:

        Ohhhhh I’ve been watching their YouTube videos. I like them, really fun guys. Thank you so much, friend, I hope you have a wonderful day!~

        And I apologize for misgendering (just noticed the URL for your blog, I’m a bit unobservant).


      • jayce428 says:

        Yeah! It’s ok. 🙂 They really seem like genuine guys. I also would look up a site: thekennelsn.com which is for pups and Masters.


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