Setting up a Shop?

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October 31, 2016 by jayce428

Recently re-thinking my business strategy. The problem with my original strategy? Well it takes lots amount of time and effort to get people to a new site, especially if you don’t have a huge following or lots of money to invest in advertising, which I don’t have time or lots of money. Actually I have just enough time at the end of my day to relax and rarely post on the blog. Which makes me very sad and upset.

You don’t exactly get a lot of followers by being inconsistent. So my new approach to my marketing strategy, which I make literately nothing for my time posting on here. And I’ve lot about monetizing this blog but that also costs about $200 to do.

Anyway I’m going off on a tangent  here…. Can you tell I’ve had my coffee AND energy drink this morning? 😀 The idea is to set up a link to a Big Cartel shop which would only have 5 items to start out with, BUT I only want to sell products that I would recommend to you guys. I don’t want to sell some shit product that even I wouldn’t use.

The shop would be linked to an account that would only be used to benefit my content on here, or even allow me to take sexology classes which would again better my content in the long run. Have I told you lately I want to be a sexologist in the future? Well sexologist is only one of many things I wish to do in the future.

But again this is a time and effort thing. SO what you can do to tell me yes or no is either tell me in a comment or like up this post.


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