I’ve Changed… We all Grow.

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April 13, 2016 by jayce428

2b0e41ba57d5ef94aafcc29cff9078b9So… I didn’t want to have to admit this but as a person and especially as a sub, bottom, etc. I’ve grown. Some of my views have changed over the coarse of a couple years, and I would definitely like to express new interests. Also, it’s important for people who might see ‘contradictory’ views in newer posts, I’ve learned and grown which is important for every person.

There are many things that I’ve heard about in the community I would like to address, and have very strong opinions about. And if you don’t agree with them then you can give constructive criticism, or just realize that our views might not be the same.

And I apologize to those who’ve been following this blog, I’ve been extremely busy lately and have been procrastinating. I’ve found work and have not been able to find the time between work and my own business to post anything on here. But as a sort of new years resolution I’ve become slightly obsessed with accomplishing as much as humanly possible with the time I have in the year.


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