Having Fun & Building a Business? Ridiculous!


September 18, 2015 by jayce428

logo3I really didn’t think that I’d ever enjoy building a business, and I knew that it would be crazy difficult. But the decision to become an entrepreneur wasn’t to join the ranks to ‘adult’. I don’t know how to be an adult, honestly all I know how to do is be organized and semi-professional.  Ending this post on a high note, I will be selling homemade candles and lube from my Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/UncollaredJayce)…. The lube will be food grade so it’s edible but flavorless and it works amazingly. Since the products are so expensive to get I’ll be starting out by selling it in 4oz containers, and I’m thinking of adding some flavoring probably a concentrate instead of oil.

What Lube Flavors Would you Buy?
Creme De Menthe
Irish Cream

Poll Maker



One thought on “Having Fun & Building a Business? Ridiculous!

  1. fib0112358 says:

    I know you will do well. Remember start with the 5 ‘P’s…Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and go from there!


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