Nya Nya and Job Concerns – 6/13/2015

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June 14, 2015 by jayce428

Hi Hi!! I’m so sorry for not posting more I’m working on getting more income while also worrying about the blog. I love! ❤ My blog! But I also want to start doing YouTube videos regarding BDSM. The main concern isn’t that people who know me will see it – because they were searching for it and can be called out on it. The concern is that people will associate my face with BDSM and I’m looking for a better job.

It’s very unfair but newcomers and more ‘seasoned’ kinksters can keep professional outside of their play area, and it anything sexual or lifestyles (like people LGBT) shouldn’t be seen negatively. I might start a YouTube channel on my more ‘private’ e-mail that I don’t share with family or anyone who doesn’t know about my BDSM stuff. I would like to make some money off of it, but I want to do it mostly because I love the BDSM community. Also, if I did YouTube I would do some DIY related videos for BDSM. I feel that as long as you’re not letting it affect your work ethic then it shouldn’t really matter.


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