What is a Sub Drop?


May 29, 2015 by jayce428

0511014e67e83d6252776fc19d67dae5669d61-wmA ‘sub drop’ is almost exactly as it sounds – it’s when you’re in an intense state where your hormones and endorphins are in high gear, and the scene or play ends. A sub drop can occur after an intense session involving: flogging, canning, spanking, etc.Unfortunately, when the endorphins wear off you can feel tired and have an overall feeling of not vary good.

An excellent way is to compare it to when you started driving, and when most of us started driving we were very nervous which gets you into this intense state which releases endorphins to reduce the stress. Once the endorphins go away you can have a massive headache and neck ache from being stressed and intense focusing.

There is no one way to handle a sub drop, but excellent aftercare is essential when one is experiencing a sub drop or in general. During the aftercare offering chocolate (if they’re not allergic) will bring their endorphins back up to ease the sub drop.


2 thoughts on “What is a Sub Drop?

  1. kalypso10 says:

    For me, even cuddling isn’t always enough. I have learned to recognise the signs. And He understands that it is something that happens and I don’t need to explain it. Sometimes I am surprised to realise He anticipated it before I even knew it was what was wrong.


  2. Lauren says:

    Can you experience sunspace and subdrop from needle play even if it wasn’t with your Dom?


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