Wearing a Collar Without a Master – Sticky Topics

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May 23, 2015 by jayce428

800px-bdsm_collar_sideFor me wearing a collar is not optional – if I don’t wear my collar during play or even during the day I feel incomplete. As someone who is a pup it feels almost natural and necessary – besides it helps me get into the pup space and I get all excited when I put it on. I know there are some who would discourage wear a collar without a Master giving it to you, but it’s whatever if it helps you as a sub then go ahead. But I do feel that wearing a collar might be misleading, and a potential Master might think you already have one. When I wear my collar in public I also tend to wear dog-tags that have my pup name and ‘stray pup’ so if read they’d know that I was ‘uncollared’. I also believe that a collar might also improve the possibilities of meeting another kinkster, but there are teenagers who wear collars as chokers so that possibility also diminishes at the same time.

So if it improves your headspace and you think it’s necessary then wear it, no one can really tell you not to wear it.


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