Honesty – 5/19/2015

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May 20, 2015 by jayce428

In an ideal world honesty wouldn’t condemn someone, but open up a new reality for everyone involved. Except the truth is, honesty has gotten people killed, even for the most minute of details. For telling the truth I’ve been laughed at until it felt like humiliation, which I’m not about. I wish I could be honest with everyone in my life without them basically ex-communicating me from their lives, or ending up on the streets for being kicked out of the home I share. I’ve learned that honesty has a time and a place.

I can’t tell my Grandfather or Uncle that I’m transsexual unless I want to be called ‘disgusting’ or ‘tranny’. Which is a sad truth since they’re supposed to love me unconditionally, especially my grandfather who is blood related. I can’t talk to anyone about BDSM unless it’s my parents or aunt unless I want to be lectured on how ‘wrong’ and ‘immoral’ it is. The ironic piece of information is that I’m probably the most moral of the lot.

I just needed to rant a little. It’s not too healthy to keep it in for too long.


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