Chastity and my feelings on it?

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May 18, 2015 by jayce428

chastity-beltI haven’t had any experience in chastity, and I don’t have anything against it if you practice it. But as a sub and just in general I have zero self-control in this area, I usually masturbate at least once or twice per day. If you’re not aware there are two reasons why chastity is used: to prevent rape and to make sure someone remains pure. I’ve always been a sexual person who hasn’t wanted to have my sexual pleasure be under lock and key. As a pup though their might be some inappropriate times to play with myself so it might come into play then, but my feelings about chastity might change in the future.

I would strongly consider wear a chastity device if I met a Master that told me to wear one, and if we were dating as well as being Master and sub.


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