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May 9, 2015 by jayce428


Admittedly, I do from time-to-time act selfishly, but not out of the intention of neglecting others. Selfishness is seen as a negative aspect of personality but there are degrees of selfishness – there is taking advantage of others, and focusing on yourself and family. 

Self-care is not in anyway a luxury it’s a necessity. There are times when I neglect myself, and allow stress to build up to the brim before even thinking of taking a step back. Stress isn’t just mentally bad for you but also can reek havoc physically. When I’m stressed I become easily irritated and overall a nasty person, and I might even have trouble getting an adequate amount of sleep at night. Sometimes my diet will be effected – I’ll go for quick easily instead of healthy foods.

Self-care can come in many forms such as: exercise, taking a long bath, reading a book you like, getting a massage, or self-grooming. But there is one important thing that you should remember: you can’t be perfect so take that idea out of your though process. Focus on doing your best, but remember it’s never going to be perfect every time.

Self-care isn’t just for yourself but for your partner(s) and maybe gift them something to help them relax, or set up a movie night to just be together and enjoying your favorite films. Sex (and masturbation) is also part of self-care so don’t forget, it’s ok to have sex once (or more) times per week.


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