Top Things I Enjoy as a Little

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May 5, 2015 by jayce428

1. Daddy – The caretaker is the center of any Little’s world. I currently don’t have one but if I did Daddy would be my world. A Little is still a little without a caretaker, but a caretaker makes everything 10x better. 

2. Stuffies – Stuffies are the things we have when our caretakers are away, or just to have as security.

3. Bedtime Stories – Hearing the voice of another person while trying to sleep is quite comforting and having someone I absolutely trust adds to the sense of security.

4. Sweets – Guiltily I love sweets but they also remind me of my childhood, and it helps me get into my little mind space.

Also, just to let you know I don’t engage in age play but in ddlb (daddy dom little boy) relationships.

I have planned on making the sub resume and publishing it but I have been pre-occupied with a project and will probably publish it on Friday.


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