Weight loss as a form of Disapline

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May 4, 2015 by jayce428

Though-out my journey through weight loss I’ve noted that I’ve gained discipline, which developing this discipline might help me in the future. I’m not losing weight to achieve a unhealthy weight, but to get to a healthier weight to prevent complications. 

And obvious pieces of weight loss I have to achieve are: healthy eating and exercise. When I stray away from my path it is necessary to punish myself by taking away something I enjoy like self-caning or masturbation.

I’ve also gotten interested in food play, where a dominant would control the foods that I eat as well as order me to do exercises, and help me improve my well-being as entertain my other interests. Food play might be included in pet play or age play. I wouldn’t be anyway interested in a dominant who would endanger my own health by having me gain weight.

This is just an idea for other subs or slaves who have been losing weight and might be interested in the dominant becoming involved.


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