Describing what Spanking is like to me as a sub

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May 1, 2015 by jayce428


Spanking is the most simplistic enjoyments of being a sub, and I have learned to enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. When I’m being spanked, I prefer bare handed spankings or a belt, and having the person spanking work up to the maximum intensity. 

When I’m being spanked sometimes I cry but rarely, instead it’s like being masturbated and I am able to orgasm without my genitals being stimulated. Many would suggest using spanking as a punishment, but for submissives it would be unreasonable because they enjoy it so much.

I enjoy it also because it helps me to get into sub-space without much direction, and as a little I wish to taunt a daddy who would easily pull me over his knee to spank me.

I dislike it when I’m spanked without my permission, and you should spank any sub without their consent.


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