Sexualizing Kink – 4/29/2015


April 30, 2015 by jayce428

Lately I’ve been thinking, “I’m still young. Why the hell am I thinking of not being sexual?”. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but my father (being very open with me) has told me a little about his sex-life when he was younger (early 20s). Also he told me about the many people (mainly women) who’ve admitted to him that they wish they could do it over again and be sluts. 

My biggest worry in life and kink is that I’ll limit myself so much that I’ll miss the chance to experience as much as I can. I mean we only live for 36,500 days (if your lucky to live to be 100) and I want to make sure I live it up – obviously being healthy and having an active life.

This is also the reason for doing so much crafting, since I want to experience and become good at as many things as I can, and find a loving Master who praises me for doing a good job.


One thought on “Sexualizing Kink – 4/29/2015

  1. kinknerd says:

    I have worried about this too! I am a (masculine) cis woman but I don’t use my genitals. What I have found to be helpful is appropriating sexual language to refer to my kink activities. Like, if I have a really gratifying flogging session, I might refer to it as sex when I talk to vanilla people… It is important to live without regrets, but every time I tried to push myself to have a more sexual experience for it’s own sake, when I didn’t feel a genuine connection with the other person, I always regretted it! I have never regretted a BDSM play session with some one I felt truly connected with. Be as slutty as you want! But only for the activities that feel right in the moment, and with the people who feel right. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! (and of course make informed decisions about safer sex practices!) I envy your connection with your father! What is sexual is entirely self determined! Don’t let normative sexuality get you down! ❤

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