Eternity Collars – For Beginners

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April 27, 2015 by jayce428

collar-gold-aAn eternity collar is just that a collar that marks your commitment to another person. I believe that if it is placed on you it should only be removed by your Owner or Master.

It’s just like a wedding ring. I don’t believe only slave should be given an eternity collar, but also loyal submissives (even pets) who you deem worthy.

A slave or submissive are probably given many collars during the time they’re with their Master, but this isn’t to be treated as any ‘ordinary’ collar because of it’s meaning (also because they can be quite expensive and custom made).

Unless it’s necessary or if your life is in danger if you stay with them that you leave your Master, I would advise returning it unless they don’t take it back. Even after leaving a Master I suggest treasuring it as a reminder of your time with that Master.


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