When your single – 4/24/2015 – Journal

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April 25, 2015 by jayce428

collar-orig-cI have been looking for a new Dominant for a while now, and a question has been nagging at me – am I still living BDSM full-time? I mean why wouldn’t I be? I do everything I can do to improve my level of submissiveness, and I have play time when I am able to (when I’m in a private place). 

While being single you don’t just stop entering the head-space all together, most are still able to enter the head-space even without gear so why not without a Dominant? I attend parties as a single and still enjoy other kinksters, and met many other Dominants who didn’t feel quite right (or our interests didn’t quite match up).

But I’m not yet ready to settle since I’m still quite young – haha no need to worry quite yet. Besides I’m still discovering me and the things I enjoy.


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