Brats – Age Play – For Beginners

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April 11, 2015 by jayce428

wpid-textgram_1399159361Brats are the type of submissive that tests their Dominant’s resolve; by acting up, talking back, and overall acting rotten to get a reaction. Usually the brat-ness usually comes in the form of playfulness or mischievous. A brat doesn’t have to be just female littles but also males as well, and this can happen with a Mommy or a Daddy regardless of treatment. And it depends on the reason for the behavior which will help to predict if it will ever diminish.

There are different reasons for bratty behavior like not properly being disciplined or insecurities about their relationship (they want to make sure you’ll stay with them no matter what), or it might just be part of them being a little – which in that case you might not be able to beat it out of them.

The only thing that the Dominant can do is to love their little unconditionally.

Admittedly, I am a little who almost automatically acts selfishly and bratiness has just become part of being a little, and it can’t really be helped in my case. This has come from a line of trust issues and it’s just my way of testing my Dominant.


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