4/8/2015 – A great year and an update about the shop

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April 9, 2015 by jayce428

I’ve been running this blog for about a year and already have 4,000 plus views, for the short time I’ve been doing this that’s amazing. I’m not sure what my original feelings were about running a blog, but I never thought that I would be continuing to be committed to blogging for this long. I do want to emphasize the fact that I do see blogging as a full-time job that requires my attention when I’m not working. We still have 100+ followers which is phenomenal!

Also, about the shop – after some intense considerations I’ve decided that the shop is only going to be BDSM related since I can’t really have minors browsing around a shop that has adult ‘paraphernalia’. This is just to keep myself responsible for those who are looking at the shop, since I don’t want to get sued by a parent of a minor for telling their teenager it was alright to browse such a site. I plan to sale mainly age play and pet play gear but also some other fun fetish wear.


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