Middles – Age Play – For Beginner


April 8, 2015 by jayce428


Middles are a type of submissive that plays the role of a pre-teen or teenager, sometimes being a bit more rebellious then littles. Being a middle is usually different then being a little because being a teen (or pre-teen) they are more sexually curious.

I’ve always seen brats as a type of middle since the ‘smart-ass’ attitude and the maliciousness, which can be a part of your relationship with your submissive, but brats could also be little since many littles are out to be ‘daddy’s little girl/boy’.

But middles don’t have to be brats and can be tame, and there are also many variations in the community with how people go about the dd/lg or dd/lb relationship.

Many of the activities that littles do with their Mommies or Daddies can be closely related to what middles do – it just depends on how you want the relationship to develop.


3 thoughts on “Middles – Age Play – For Beginner

  1. angelina1210 says:

    In developing our age play, my sweetie head and I realized that I’m more middle than little but finding groups/sites for us is tough. Most are tailored to littles with stiffed animals, pacifiers and the like.

    Are you able to recommend any blogs, sites or groups we should look into? Anything would be appreciated



    • jayce428 says:

      This is a very good question. I’ve spent a couple of days thinking about this and researching. I have not come across man ddlg/Ddlb sites that talked about middles, but I might look at https://www.ddlgforum.com. It mainly talks about littles but there might be some mention of middles.

      I will mention if I find anymore sites that would put you in contact with other middles.


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