What is my type of Dom?

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April 3, 2015 by jayce428

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a slave, I’m a submissive and the type of Dominant differs. As someone who goes between being a little and being a pet (puppy) the person that I look for is nurturing, and since of my personal interest in physique I would like someone who is considered a ‘Bear Dom’ (big and stocky).

What do I look for?

Mainly again someone who in the scene who is considered a ‘bear’, but this isn’t set in stone and I could find a Dominant that has a different physique. Physique isn’t the first thing I look for – mainly the person’s personality is what draws me in first. I like people who are nurturing and treat me well. I wouldn’t mind being the sub of a person who is transgender. Patience is key since I’m not good at trusting people, and in reality I won’t trust anyone I just met off the street.

What do I not like?

I tend to shy away from people who get upset easily, and who start swearing easily when they get upset. I’m not into women or men who are more feminine. Trying to rush the relationship, or someone who thinks themselves as my ‘Daddy’ when I barely know them.


There are many other aspects to take into account, like, I don’t want to be in an online relationship, but if we ‘click’ and I end up liking the person we’d have to Skype before I made a definite decision.


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