The Submissive Test


March 26, 2015 by jayce428

I love taking tests just for the fun of it. I came across a quiz for submissives (more beginner then experienced) where you can find out what kind of D/s relationship would suit your needs.

I took the quiz and it came out partially little and pet submissive. The most interesting part of the quiz was the fact that they had descriptions of what the positions entailed.

A Little is a submissive who finds joy in embracing his or her inner child. This dynamic often involves behaving, speaking, or dressing in a child-like manner or engaging in typical child-appropriate activities, and may or may not involve sex or other adult-appropriate themes and activities. While most Littles and their Mommy or Daddy Doms find age play to be sexually stimulating, there are also many who do not associate being a Little with sex at all. Best match: The Daddy-Mommy Dominant / The White Knight Dominant / The Ineffable Dominant.

The quizzes on the site where based upon the book “Dominance and Submission” by Michael Makai, which I have neglected to read but based upon the website I’d be thrilled to purchase the book.

Those who are beginners in BDSM this would be a great place to start researching, and I will create a collection of resources for beginners.


One thought on “The Submissive Test

  1. Ali says:

    Unfortunately the link to the test no lobger seems to be working


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