3/19/2015 Journal – Update

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March 20, 2015 by jayce428

This is just an update on the projects I’ve been working on, and I have successfully had a productive day for the first of the week. I decided to take my laptop and Ipad outside with me while I work on stuff. I got the store finally open, which doesn’t have many stuff on there but that’s ok I’m still working. Was it a great idea to bring a full sized laptop outside in a workshop? I DON’T KNOW! Despite the fact that it took three weeks to get majority of the materials.

Visit my store on Storenvy

It was great that I was able to get so much stuff done today, but now I’m tired and I’m ready for the weekend – even though more likely then not I’ll be in the shed casting some more of the cabochons and organizing everything that I have lying around to look more presentable.

The true reason I wanted to do this to also let you know my policy: if a person under the age of 18 does decide that they wish to purchase an item that is meant for an 18+ individual I can’t really control them, so I’m making the parents responsibility to monitor what their children buy.

I do understand that teenagers buy items that aren’t age appropriate all the time which again isn’t my problem (it’s just a fact), and if their parents deem it inappropriate they can go through whatever channels to have me refund them. But that is 100% unfair to me as a creator especially if the item is designed specifically to the buyers specs.

Also, PLEASE if you have any suggestions or want me to put a product on the shop website you think that is in demand let me know.


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