Am I a Part of other Communities/fandoms?

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March 16, 2015 by jayce428

I thought this was an interesting question that I should probably could answer that might lead into something later.


I am a part of multiple communities (all that I very much enjoy) – those include: Lolita (fashion), anime, and a major fan of many TV-shows including but not limited to: Doctor Who and Sherlock. Many of those in those BDSM community say that BDSM was the thing that made them connect with other individuals, but I found that all these things brought me to trying desperately to associate with others because I found all these wonderful things that I enjoy.

When I went to school there were many issues since me and my classmates didn’t exactly connect, and the demographic where the school was didn’t lead to a huge diversity since we lived in a semi-rural area. There were obviously the people who wanted to become artists but they didn’t exactly share my interests, and they weren’t into getting into fandoms headfirst or getting into the ‘hardcore’ stuff. But afterwords found out that all the things I was interested in was just about everywhere but I didn’t know where to go to find it.

But I’m the kind of person that walks into any of my interests doe-eyed, and generally ready to jump onto any project (sometimes a bit too headstrong) that I might want to do that involves that interest.


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