Weekend Journal – 3/8/2015

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March 9, 2015 by jayce428

The weekend has been very productive I’ve finished all five of the lanyards to sell on Monday (which will be the day you read this), and I hope to get $3-5 from each of them which will easily pay for all the materials. I’ll find out if it’ll become a regular thing – it wouldn’t be the most ideal place to sell my stuff but it’s some money, and there are some fun new things that I need to try to do (making a lanyard with an adjustable pouch for an e-cig).

While I was working on the lanyards I was also working on the stuff for the shop, I want to make sure that everything I’m planing to sell I have one in every color I’m planning to sell, so people can see what it’ll look like in different colors.

I am also looking into adding animal ears into the options in the shop – since I do have the funds I want to make some realistic (as well as I can) looking animal ears that can be worn via headband (seems like the best option). But I would start out with dog and cat ears standing up (not 100% sure how to make floppy ears).

Also, I need how I’m going to break up the shop so that minors aren’t immediately exposed to the adult section of the shop, or I’ll just have a separate shop for minors where I could also sell the animal ears as ‘cosplay’ or ‘furry’. So for the moment those are drafts in my notebook to be looked at. But I will have products like floggers and canes in the shop for buying.


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