Sexual Fetishism and Relationships

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March 9, 2015 by jayce428

Amazing read for those who’ve just discovered they have a fetish, and want to learn more about fetishes. I am always interested to see how fetishes affect relationships.


I frequently wonder how certain fetishes are developed. More importantly, I always enjoy knowing and understanding how sexual fetishes enter a relationship and the impact they have on that relationship.

My master and I have numerous fetishes. Latex and leather are certainly at the top. Sharing those fetishes makes the relationship much deeper and impactful. Unfortunately, not all relationships can indoor fetishes. The closed mindedness of many prevents relationships from Florida and ultimately leads to years and decades being unfulfilled.

While I am not a licensed or trained therapist, I do know and I am quite sure that fetishes are most healthy when the couple is able to have a relationship outside of those fetishes. My husband/master and I frequently engage each other sexually without the need for latex or leather. It’s knowing that you can and will indulge in those fetishes that heightens every other aspect of the relationship.

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