Unexpected Great News – 3/3/2015


March 4, 2015 by jayce428

M8iAxthSorry I don’t have a terribly interesting post for you guys today, but I was out and about today when we were at a vape shop in town my father (biological) was showing off the lanyard I had made for his e-cig. The shop owner basically commissioned me to make 5 of them for him to see if they would sell at his shop, but he would buy them to sell them which means I make money either way.

I also am working on making a bundle of canes for the upcoming shop, and I had trouble with the paint brushes (a bristle brush) when the bristles just where falling out on the cane. I did have a smooth nylon brush which just made everything soo much easier for me. It might have been that the fatter brush wasn’t created for painting with acrylic. I will later invest in a higher quality paint brushes. I know it’s not popular to paint cane but I’ve found that the acrylic attaches so hard around the wood that it encases it perfectly, and hasn’t chipped on the prototype at all and it goes on very smoothly if done correctly. 

I didn’t consider myself an artist of any sort until recently which makes me really excited. I will probably have the canes up on the shop site in about a week. I need to create at least two of each of the colors that I’ve decided on. 


One thought on “Unexpected Great News – 3/3/2015

  1. Shalom says:

    Congratulations! My endorphins rush when others acknowledge my creativity, no matter the form.

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