Shop Update – 2/26/2015

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February 27, 2015 by jayce428

Oh My God! I forgot how much bells give me a headache. I’ve been sorting my craft supplies so I can take what I need out to the shop to start getting serious about starting an online store. After much contemplation I’ve figured that my best bet is to transfer all my BDSM and Kawaii crafts out to the shop. It’s much less of a distraction but the problem being that I might forget to post.

I’ve been able to sort everything out but now have to go through all of the potential canes, and find out which ones are too flexible to be canes since I mixed them up. I was also to find out that my new space is a great place to watch YouTube videos with limited distractions or interruptions. Maybe next time I’ll be smarter and bring my laptop instead of my Ipad so that I’d be able to finish my posts before dinner.

I was able to make a simple collar that wouldn’t be used for play but is very cute, and has little decoden cabochons attached with clay. I didn’t think it’d work but unexpectedly they stuck very well, and when the clay dried it became flexible but sturdy. I will post pictures of the collar and post it on Tumblr for everyone to see.

That’s it for now. Bye-bye :3


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