Pet Play – Furry/Fur Vs. Leather/Rubber


February 26, 2015 by jayce428

It’s been my experience that some people either like wearing fur (faux or real) or wearing leather or rubber. There are many ups and downs of both but at the end of the day it’s your own preference. I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of both that I’ve noticed while being in the scene.


pet0722023Pros of Fur:

Looks Good – I always thought that fur has always looked so amazing.

Sensual – Fur is definitely sensual which is one of my favorite aspects.

Cons of Fur:

Real Fur Can’t be washed – This is the only set back if you do wash it the natural oils are washed away and can’t be replenished.

Looks more like a Furry – Don’t get me wrong, I love furries but puppy play is separate.


tumblr_madmkgi93n1qhzavho1_r1_500Pros of Leather/Rubber:

Looks Great – ‘Nough said.

Easier to Clean

Much more Acceptable in the scene

Cons of Leather/Rubber:

Vanilla connect Leather/Rubber with rebelliousness and fetish.

Personal Preference:

I personally LOVE both but during puppy play I love fur, and it’s more because wearing fur helps me get into my pup-space. Though I do feel a bit insecure because it’s very rare for a pup to be wearing fur gear, but it’s what makes me feel like a pup and get into that head-space.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer or preference in this case. Some kittens wear leather/rubber gear and that’s totally fine and it looks great either way.


2 thoughts on “Pet Play – Furry/Fur Vs. Leather/Rubber

  1. i do agree that leather is easier to clean and defiantly more acceptable. personally i’m with you on this one, fur just helps me get into my pet space, i’m much more confidant in it. my biggest issue is my Master accepting it because like you said fur/furry play is somewhat of the outcast of BDSM as though they aren’t considered part of the kink world. fur/furry wearers have become a line for a lot of people because they don’t understand it.

    i would love to highlight here that the main issue i see is fur/furry is being confused with beastialty or the desire for that when it’s completely different. much like the difference between Daddy/Mommy Dominant/little girls/little boys vs. age play they are simply two separate matters that get confused.

    In summation, leather is more socially acceptable but if fur makes you feel more confidant then wear it. The differences need to be defined one of these days.


    • jayce428 says:

      The problem I see is that people are distinguished between bikers and those with leather fetishes, but now people aren’t distinguishing between wearing fur as a fetish and the furry fandom.

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