A Little More About Me – 2/24/2015

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February 25, 2015 by jayce428

I wanted to do a little ‘refresher’ for newer followers on Tumblr and WordPress to get to know me a little, since I tend to talk about stuff that is mainly BDSM related (only since this is a BDSM blog). I wanted to add a little personalization in for those who might not know me very well.

What is my preferred name?

On the internet I go by the name, Jayce, mainly because it’s androgynous and I dislike my birth name.


I am transgender which leads to the need to have another name to go by on the internet. I have yet to fully ‘come out’ as transgender and I wish to leave this private until I am on my feet and have a stable income.

No Pictures or Videos?

I am not the only one guilty of not posting pictures of myself, and it’s not because I’m scared that someone is going to hunt me down and kill me. More that if this is found by a family member I don’t wish to be recognized. Since I’m currently living with some of my family members I would more then likely become homeless if they were to find out, and would only be able to blog from my local library.

When Did you get into BDSM?

I got into BDSM when I was 16, but didn’t become active until I was 18. I spent my time researching BDSM and getting a strong understanding of the community.

Do you have a Master/Owner? If not what do you look for in a Master/Owner?

I don’t currently have a Master, but I would like to develop a more friendship based relationship with a Master in my community (I am aware that there is an very private active BDSM community where I live).

What are your interests besides BDSM and LGBT stuff?

Through developing an interest in being a ‘little’ I have taken up crossdressing in Lolita fashion, I like watching anime, reading (horror and fiction), and browsing Tumblr.


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