Obedience Training – For Beginners

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February 21, 2015 by jayce428

il_fullxfull.581084658_ghggObedience is almost an essential key element of BDSM.

As a pup and a little, I enjoy being trained learning to obey someone else and have someone there to praise me when I do well, and obviously when I disobey I end up being punished accordingly.

If you think about it, obedience is an essential part of everyday life even if it’s not BDSM. We are taught to obey our parents, teachers, and even our employers. 

In BDSM, a Master or Owner teaches their slaves/pets to obey by giving them orders they are to go through with, and reward them with what they want. As a pup without a Master/Owner it’s something that I enjoy to learn proper commands that would otherwise be given to me.

Being obedient is such a wonderful feeling for the Dominant as well as the Submissive, and they both feed off of each other to receive what they both crave. Many only Submissives as ‘slave’ but there are also different types of Submissives like littles and pets. Don’t just assume that someone is a slave just because they say that they are ‘submissive’, it’s not the same thing and as a Master that should be known and acknowledged without question.


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