Hosiery and Stockings – Popular Kinks – For Beginners

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February 19, 2015 by jayce428

tumblr_lpdie0qFwz1qzwatqo1_400This maybe the most beginner friendly fetish currently, besides many others that are well known in the community. This fetish rates #41 on the list of the most popular kinks in the BDSM community.

Many wear hosiery or stockings because it brings out a feeling of being sexy which male or female, transgender or cis-gender people, and no matter who you are wearing hosiery or wearing stockings can make many people feel sexy and dominant.

Others get the sexual thrill of wearing hosiery or stockings wheather crossdressing or wearing them under everyday clothing.

For those beginners, it’s suggested that you might want to start by buying yourself a cheaper but high quality pair of hosiery maybe on an online shop if you don’t have the confidence, but if you do standard Walmart or Target would be the best places to go.


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