Great New Site – Puppy Play

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February 18, 2015 by jayce428

I have been looking for a site dedicated to puppy play, and I was notified on my Tumblr of a site called ‘The Kennel’ who was moving to their newly made site. They provide a social media site puppies and their Masters/Owners. There are currently very few people on the site because it was just announced, and people are still transitioning to the new platform. 

This is a great site if you’re new to puppy play since you get to meet such nice pups who’d probably help you. Obviously I’ve already gone ahead and created an account on the site, but I might be inactive for a while depending on my schedule. This site is very much like Fetlife except the site was designed for pups and Masters. Which leads into my next point, this would be a great way to socialize with potential Masters letting people know what you’re looking for.

Overall, I’d give this site a four out of five, it’s not YET at it’s greatest potential and probably hit a solid five out of five when it’s finished being established. I will probably go back on this site later when people have transitioned to this site from the old one.


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