Puppy Ears Review – Kittensplaypen

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February 14, 2015 by jayce428

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Today (2/13) I’ve received my package from Kittensplaypen, I was very excited and happy that it had arrived when it did, since it was before Valentines day.  I know the pictures aren’t the greatest but one of the bulbs in my ceiling light went out, and I haven’t gotten to replacing it.

The package included:

  • Candy (Mine was Bubblegum flavored lollipop)
  • A Thank you note, thanking your business.
  • A card with their links to share your review, and instructions if you have any issue with the product.
  • The product
  • A piece of paper with care instructions.


I loved the services provided by Kittensplaypen.net. They were there when I asked questions, which where answered promptly.When I received the package there were pretty stickers on the front and was very inviting. They really are a great company and it’s so worth it the extra money. I’ve found it hard to find companies that I can order from that will communicate well with me.

The quality of the product was amazing. The outside is faux fur and the inside is made of this great pink velvet, these were the colors I originally picked out that closely fit the color of my tail. I do wish that the headband came in white or brown, but I LOVE these though. These are a great for a beginner even though they are a bit more expensive, I see these as being a pair of ears that you could buy and they’d last the next ten years. And they’re so easy to repair if they did somehow accidentally come apart, which is actually a great thing.


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