What does BDSM look like?

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February 13, 2015 by jayce428


The aesthetic of BDSM changes person to person, on one hand you might have someone who’s totally decked out in leather or rubber, and on the other hand you might have someone wearing a frilly dress.

There is definitely a misconception that everything has to be all black and red, I mean BDSM is all about having fun. and enjoying yourself. What’s the point of setting up a dungeon that you don’t want to play in? Or buying toys that you wish were prettier?

Many types of play especially age play is based around children’s toys, and cute pieces of clothing that have depictions of cartoon characters and cute kitties/puppies.

As someone who is into age play and puppy play my BDSM wardrobe usually intertwines with my daily wardrobe. Obviously, I never accidentally put on my pup hood when I’m preparing for work, but most of the clothing that I buy for BDSM are meant to get some wear and tear during play so their slightly more expensive and much more high quality.

My age play gear has found it’s way into my daily wardrobe, since my personal everyday clothing is Lolita it’s never separate. Except for accessories like bibs and pacifiers.


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