My feelings about a D/s Relationship

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February 9, 2015 by jayce428

The constant reminder that some people believe that they’re better then others is always constant, and there is those who believe if you aren’t into certain things then you’re not doing BDSM right. Like for example, I don’t like hearing someone verbally degrading me, it’s not one of the things I get off on and that’s OK.

BDSM isn’t just hit me hit love it love, which it can be but the real basis is to have a strong relationship forged on communication and caring. I am into puppy play and age play (being a middle). Many people have made the argument that there has to be sex in play, well yes but that’s not exactly the whole relationship. I feel that if you and your Dominant or submissive can’t get along or know nothing about each other, your relationship will ultimately fail.

A D/s relationship can be the most wonderful thing in the world, and as some argue better then vanilla relationships due to some vanilla relationships lacking in communication and honesty. But in a D/s relationship all of the participants are receiving something that they need from the relationship, which is more physical and mental then most vanilla relationships.

And puppy play and age play are in one way very similar, they both provide a power dominance in the relationship instead of the two being submissive or two being dominant. In these relationships power is relinquished, like majority of BDSM relationships. Which essentially is a D/s relationship.


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