Crossdressing Or Transvestite

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February 4, 2015 by jayce428

73f776fe909ff4a32d67695c61910312Transvestism is one of the most common form of fetish, which has more recently became more acceptable along with crossdressing. Transvestites will usually dress up for sexual kicks, maybe masturbate or have sex (with a male or female). Transvestites can be heterosexual or homosexual and male or female.

Transvestism is to a great extent very secretive, so it is impossible to estimate exactly how many transvestites there are. The figures put up by various connected organisations differ. We can only state, from the large number of transvestites who do make social contact, that a rough estimate would be a million or more, of varying degrees, in this country.

Crossdressing doesn’t equal sexual, but on the other hand transvestites are sexually aroused by wearing female clothing. Obviously, since humans are sexual creatures crossdressers can mix both pleasures of dressing up with sex, but more then usually it’s just to have sex not because they feel like a female. As I have become more aware the majority of crossdressers are heterosexual (can also be homosexual), and have a great time becoming their wive’s best-friend for the night. Crpssdressers can be male or female.

Crossdressers come from all walks of life, races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. The phenomenon dates back many thousands of years. In some cultures, especially some Native American tribes, they were highly respected as shamans. Most crossdressers are well-educated and come from conventional family backgrounds.

Crossdressers and transvestites can come from all walks of life and there are NO exceptions to that. You can be anywhere from 10 to 100 and be one of the two. Until recently, people who dressed in clothing (mostly males) of the opposite gender where seen as strange and sinful.


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