Transsexual Issues in BDSM

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January 26, 2015 by jayce428

The LGBT and BDSM communities aren’t entirely different, in fact they have one thing in common – their both minorities. As someone who’s transgender I know how hard it is to: (A) find someone to play with while their interests are the same, and (B) getting around the ‘no touchy’ areas that make you disphoric. There is also the issue of clothing choice, as an FTM (Female-to-male) transsexual I enjoy wearing feminine clothing such as lolita dresses.

If you’re thinking that kinky people are going to be more accepting then vanilla people, then you may or may not be right because their just like anyone else. Which is an unfortunate reality.

Another more prominent issue is finding someone who acknowledges transgender people for who they are, and still want to be in a relationship with them. Or having the possibility of being fetishized for being a transsexual person.


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