Otherkin and Pet Play and Furries – Rant


January 24, 2015 by jayce428

This will be a long rant to release some irritation that some people are just rude, and don’t have the common sense to research these sort of things before giving an opinion. 

  1. batterypoweredgod answered: pffft why are you a human that thinks disassociating with what you actually are should be acceptable?
  2. mit-chmotch answered: why would a foxkin being/person want to tie a living fox to their ass?

Disassociation is very popular on the internet, for example the username of the person making such drastic assumptions about such people. The username ‘batterypoweredgod‘ only assumes disassociation, they assume that their more superior then everyone else, and puts their assumptions before truth. Everyone uses disassociation at least one point of their day this can come in the forms of: reading a book/writing a book, watching a movie/show, pet play, wearing a furry suit, and many other ways. 

Wearing fur or skins isn’t a new thing nor is eating meat, and there isn’t much difference between wearing a fox tail or wearing a fur coat. In fact, it obviously takes more fur to make a fur coat then a fox tail. It’s impossible to wear a ‘living fox’, which is obvious unless you’re trying to be inappropriate or offensive, because you’re obviously trying to grip at straws.

The concern is, neither of these people have a lack of empathy and a lack of knowledge, and it’s not due to their age. These sort of attacks are usually used when the person is having certain feelings about the subject, especially when their attracted towards the idea. They don’t understand their feelings and don’t bother to understand. Either because they don’t want to understand, or they don’t know how their religion or community will view it.

People bully because of: cultural causes, institutional causes, social issues, family issues, personal history, power, and provocative victims.


2 thoughts on “Otherkin and Pet Play and Furries – Rant

  1. As someone with a DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER, none of these things are by their own virtue dissociative (otherkin, pet play, and furries, that is). For certain people these things may include dissociation, but they’re not dissociative by definition, nor do most people experience severe dissociation? Just every day dissociation,the kind you get when washing the dishes. Otherkin as a concept includes absolutely no dissociation, dissociation might come into it on a personal level but I don’t understand the community well enough to make a judgements. So both of these people are silly, and you’re using the word dissociation a little wrong (one doesn’t USE dissociation, that implies control over dissociation and kind of demeans people with dissociative disorders who can’t control it at all, but that’s really not the point.). That first one should have to sit down with someone with a dissociative disorder and listen to an in depth explanation of dissociation. The second one should learn about ethnically acquired furs.

    blurfront of Reggie and DM


    • jayce428 says:

      Disassociation has many different forms most more mild then others, and the person can consciously dissociate like “daydreaming”. Which would be a mild form of disassociation. It’s not just a disorder. And I am not demeaning people with disassociation disorder. I have panic attacks almost daily, there is no reason for me to attack anyone with another disorder.

      Please check out the link: mentalillnessmouse.tumblr.com/post/238962544182/dissociation


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