1/21/2015 Journal – Update

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January 22, 2015 by jayce428

22890Guiltily I wanted to admit something, that I feel has been going on inside me for some time. As someone with low-self esteem I feel that getting into BDSM is a slippery slope, and for me it’s a concern because I feel that there could be some issues and need to become the perfect pet/little for someone.

I think my self-esteem got even worse after figuring out that I was transgender, but I’m not entirely sure. In a way I do feel that BDSM has actually improved my self-esteem in some way.

Also, I have launched the app but there seems to be some problems that I am currently facing, and I am working to fix all problems before announcing it. And I have made considerable advances in my e-book considering where I was last week.

Almost forgot, I am almost done with the ’30 Days of Kink’ challenge and am looking for other challenges or tags to do relating to BDSM.


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