Little Boy/Girl – Age Play- For Beginners

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January 17, 2015 by jayce428


Littles are just as they sound – boys or girls that age play as 5-10 year olds. Many are female but there are male littles.


Unlike adult babies, littles have a more developed vocabulary that includes most of those used by most adults. Using the worlds like: “daddy” and “mommy”, but might still not be in sentences.


The clothing that little’s wear don’t have to be special since kids clothing is just smaller versions of adult clothing. You might want to wear more gender exaggerated clothing if you so choose, but it isn’t necessary. Usually littles don’t wear diapers but they can choose to if they want to.

Toys and fun stuff:

STUFFIES!! You must have to have stuffed animals! You can buy coloring books, children’s books (even manga), and accessories.


The caregivers are usually in this relationship dominant, but can be submissive unfortunately I haven’t found any examples of this. In the relationship the caregiver is nurturing, protecting, disciplinarian, and mentor. There are different kinds of caregivers since their personalities varies from caregiver to caregiver.


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