Littles and Age Play

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January 15, 2015 by jayce428

il_570xN.562818147_dormRecently I’ve been learning a lot about age play and the types of age play that people engage in. I’m not sure how many posts I’ve done on this subject but it’s quite a complicated subject since there are many variations the ones I know about: age play that involves mental regression and age play that doesn’t involve mental regression. 

My original thought on the thought was that if you’re going to be involved in what is known as ‘age play’, was that if you’re going to be involved in age play that you had to regress to a certain age. But that didn’t appeal to me at all, what did appeal to me was the idea of a caregiver or Daddy who was dominant over me. This is while not having a specific mental age but just the fact that I am childish, not because I’m only 19 but because it’s just that no one grows up. Only boring people ‘grow up’… Just joking nobody is a ‘mature adult’ their just OLDER!

But there are others who are more dedicated to keeping age play as it was intended choosing if they want to be a little, middle, or lolita. They mental regression which is just a fancy way meaning they get into a form of headspace of the chosen type of submissive.

There isn’t anything fancy you have to do or have to be into age play, but the more popular props include: stuffies/stuffed animals, paci/pacifiers, diapers, and cute clothes.

I might cover aspects of age play more concentrated on specifically.


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