Grooming Your Human-pup

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January 7, 2015 by jayce428

tumblr_mbdqn1bUIu1rpaixqo1_500Unlike biological puppies or doggies depending on your human-mutt, need daily grooming – baths, brushing teeth, and hair brushing. There maybe other tasks your human-mutt might ask of you, but these are the basics.

It’d be nice to bathe your human-mutt might be something you do together, but some mutts don’t like being bathed by their Masters. For some pups/dogs it’s fun to shake off the water after being bathed, and maybe getting the bed wet.

Teeth brushing might be one a pup/dog might want to do on his/her own so this is up to the both of you, but I see this as another opportunity to learn commands. The master can teach the pup/dog to open his/her mouth on command, leaving down a paper towel of course, but this might be some more bonding time.

Hair brushing is exciting, I like having my hair brushed even when I’m not in puppy mode! I find this would be the easiest way to bond with someone as a pup, or just in general because I enjoy it so much.

There are other things like ear cleaning, but this might be going too far though you can discuss this with your pup/dog when negotiating what you plan to do with your pup/dog.


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