More of Leelah – 1/4/2015 Journal

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January 5, 2015 by jayce428

tumblr_n5wlt4lvkI1tvxshko1_500Recently I’ve been thinking about Leelah and my own situation regarding me being transsexual. In my current predicament, I live with my grandfather and cousin, I’m not able to come out to them or I’ll probably be thrown out. I know they could never compare but I really still have a fear of coming out to my family.

Lately, I’ve thought about instead of coming out to my family I go ‘stealth’. I’ve told my parent’s, my father is behind me 110% and my mom probably 80% – the rest of my family seems either ignorant or doesn’t know. Stealth for those who might not know or not transgender, it’s when someone who’s transitioned and decides not to disclose the fact that he’s transgender, and moving away from old friends and neighborhood. It’d be really nice if I had a fresh start where no one knows me, but the difficulty would be finding a new job and home.

I recently got better healthcare which covers therapy 100% and I’m thinking about finding a therapist which I can Skype or talk to on the phone with at home, and of course takes my healthcare provider.

Besides that, I have made a prototype for a collar which I will be receiving some rivets(round and conical) and D-rings which I’ll attach to the collars. I’m really excited to take some pictures and put them up on my Etsy.

I need to check on my ears from 😦 I hope they get here soon. The shop notified everyone that since they had so many orders it’d take 25 days, so that means it should be here on the 15th.


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