1/3/2015 – Pup and Me Journal

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January 4, 2015 by jayce428

custom-puppy-earsToday was a total pup out since it was a quiet day. I had my tail in and was wandering around the floor sniffing the dirty clothes and shoes I wore the other day. I can’t wait for my ears to arrive, I’ll review them when they get here. I bought them from Kittensplaypen.com I hope they arrive soon. It’s the first time buying anything from her shop and I’m extremely excited.

Afterwards I watched a little anime (Black Butler and Tokyo ghoul), I don’t know what you guys think, but I love watching anime.

I found out something this week – I love to crossdress. Any reason to wear something cute and is still flattering around my figure. I’m afraid of being made into a joke if I tell anyone else this. I told my friend about being FTM and she said – “If you were then you wouldn’t masturbate”. I thought she would be much more supportive since I’ve been there for her for ten years, and now she doubts that I am transgender. We haven’t talked to each other since, and I have been finding it difficult for me to talk to other people recently. Another friend of mine laughed when I told her and acted as if it was a joke, I still don’t know her views.

That’s about it. I’ve been a okatu recently with my unsocial behavior, going into town briefly and coming home to wrap myself up to watch anime. I really want to go to the anime convention in Seattle maybe dressing up, but I’m not sure what I would dress up as.


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