New year Resolutions

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December 31, 2014 by jayce428


This is the last post of the year!! WOOP!

I’ve been pretty constant on posting daily, but the fact is that quantity isn’t as great as quantity. I’ve found out that creating a post is a whole days worth of adventure.

I’m planning on ways to improve the quality of my posts. I’d love some feedback.

Here is a list of my new years resolution for 2015:

  • Lose Weight – Yes! I know that it’s one of the most common resolution, but it’s true. I lost 40 pounds last year nearly getting 50 pounds, but like every time I start eating healthy I ruin it by not letting myself have a cheat day.
  • Travel – I’m one of those rare people who hasn’t been outside of their home state. It’s not exactly by choice. There is only two things I’m very scared of large crowds and spiders.
  • Stress out less – I have been under stress from many areas of my life, and the most irritating thing is that when I do start stressing out there’s nothing I can do at the moment. Also, being overweight and having a history of heart diseases doesn’t help being stressed out.
  • PRIDE – This is one of the most important on this list besides losing weight, I want to have more pride of being trans and kinky. I don’t want to have to stress out thinking someone will hate me for being who I am.
  • Find other Kinksters/Pups in my area – I know that their are kinksters in my area it’s just we don’t meet up, and rarely associate with one another.

That’s about it. Nothing absolutely intimidating, just getting my life in order for the future. I’d love to hear what some of your New Years Resolutions are for 2015.


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