Choosing Whether to be Sexual or Non-sexual in Your Kink

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December 30, 2014 by jayce428


This is something that every dominant and submissives have to consider before finding someone to share your fetishes with, besides finding out what you want to share with another person.

Pros of Being Sexual:

  • Sex! Yep, it’s amazing. It’s irrefutable.
  • Closer relationship, some might agree or disagree, but when having sex with someone it creates a more intimate relationship – even though the relationship is pretty intimate after sharing your fetishes.

Cons of Being Sexual: 

  • Might feel bad if the person decides to be with another Master or submissive.
  • Too close, depending where you would like your boundaries being sexually active might be too close especially if you already have a partner.

There are many other factors to consider – being old enough to have sex, protection against STDs, and many other things. It’s a decision that I haven’t made lightly, as someone who was having sex for all the wrong reasons (because I could and it was fun) I thought that I was invincible until a friend of mine got an STD, and I was trying to downplay my feelings of being transgender.

I know that there are those underage where the decision is as simple as saying yes, but deciding whether to have sex with someone with an STD isn’t an easy one.


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