DDLB – 12/28/2014

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December 29, 2014 by jayce428

It’s image_5_268again the end of a great day, and I forgot to mention something on the other post about my new fetishes. Besides PVC and Vaping I’ve also been discovering another side of BDSM commonly known as DDLB. Instead of being a little (baby or pre-teen) I have been experimenting with being a middle (pre-teen to teen), I do understand that I am in fact borderline teen to adult in my biological age, but this is something that also interests me.

It seems that the relationship of a DDLB is something I would like to have with a partner. I value my biological relationship with my own father, obviously this relationship would differ in many ways from my actual relationship with my biological father. But this sort of relationship with a sexual partner is something that I want to further explore.

Besides this, which I will further discuss in another post, this year has had all the feels. The hardest emotional rollercoster I’ve had to ride so far in my life, I’m sure it’s just a bump in the road compared to the future, but this is just preparation for dealing with stress in the future.

Thank you, to all the followers that have stuck with me for the last few months discovering this avenue in my life. It’s very enjoyable and I have really come to appreciate the support the community has given me on WordPress and in the BDSM community.

I have realized that a something as someone who is still growing I’ve been doing this thing, where I try to shock you, it’s something as someone who is in their teen years does. I’ll soon grow out of it – I do it because I have a few trust issues with people.


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