A Submissive’s Initiative – Blog review

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December 28, 2014 by jayce428


ASIBDSM is a community based website that allows for people who have questions about BDSM and how to be involved safely come to ask questions. They answer your questions as well as write amazing aricles that are a huge help to anyone who is curious about BDSM.

The best part of the whole site is the fact that they have a live chat available 24/7 but doesn’t seem to be vary active which is a bit of a disappointment. Also, another awesome part of their site is the fact that they have a large list of BDSM resources and viewers are able to suggest a resource for future viewers – they list recommended blogs and BDSM sites, and they have recommended sites for those who where affected by abuse in the BDSM community.

They also have a YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/ASIBDSM


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