Get To Know Me Part 1 of 2

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December 27, 2014 by jayce428


Have you ever: 

1. Skipped class?

 I’ve skipped school before, but it was because I thought it was cool at the time and I never did again. This was when I was in 7th grade so now that skipping class is just another way to get in trouble.

2. Done drugs?

The closest thing I got to drugs is smelling marijuana that a friend of mine had, and I started smoking cigs when I was 16 but transferred over to e-cigs when I was 19 because I was worried about my health.

3. Self harmed?

I consider smoking tobacco self harm, besides that I practically neglected my body for the last 12 years because I thought I wasn’t worth anything – I gained a bunch of weight and now I’m working on losing weight.

4. Drank?

I socially drink, my favorite alcoholic beverage is whisky and wine. I am a responsible person I never drink for the effects only for the taste. My least favorite alcoholic beverage is beer, I haven’t found one that I like.

5. Shoplifted?


6. Gotten a tattoo?

I haven’t yet but I want to get paws tracks over my heart, since I love animals and am a wolf-hybrid it only makes sense.

7. Broken up with someone?

I’ve broken up with only a few people, but I know what I’m looking for in a person so I haven’t had too many experiences with break ups.

What’s your favorite:

8. Show?

Dexter, Supernatural, Futurama – stuff like that.

9. Movie?

Hell Raiser (the original), The Machine, The Nightmare Before Christmas

10. Song?

Good Riddance (Green Day)

11. Tumblr?

I don’t have a favorite Tumblr there are so many!

12. Singer/Band?

Good Charlotte or Green Day

13. Memory?

Dad accidentally flipping me over while we were rough housing.

14. Book?

Too many!



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