Christmas Conclusion – 12/25/2014 Journal

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December 26, 2014 by jayce428

IMG_0095So it’s official, I made out like a bandit, I got:$25 to Walmart and iTunes, $40 to Claries, a new pair of Dickies Jeans (Real Jeans!), a nice pink Yukata (Yay cosplay, now I just need a wig), and a hairbrush

I’m very thankful to my family for the wonderful gifts they got me this year.

So now I get to relax drinking apple cider and cheap red wine, and eating fudge and cherry cordials. I enjoyed cheese pizza for breakfast and lunch which just makes me feel sick.

I have some tools on the way from Etsy to get more stuff up on the shop, the major key to getting more traffic is to have more content if it’s on a blog or on a store. I will have collars (leather, paracord, and webbing), bracelets (paracord), clothes (having a hard time finding PVC thinking about rubber), and canes.


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